Testimonials for AddieUP

"The best product I have ever tried"

-Jennifer M.

AddieUp is absolutely amazing. I am a single mother of three teenage daughters who works two jobs equalling about 80 weekly. I was an avid fan and believer of 5 hour energy as well as Monster energy drinks. The problem here was a caffeine high and severe crash which lead to sleeplessness and irritability. Currently I have been taking AddieUp for two months and LOVE it. It gives me the energy without all the side effects. My focus has increased as well as energy and when I'm ready to go to sleep it's just that. I wake feeling well rested and ready for the day at hand. Thank you AddieUp for giving me what I need.

"Just give it a try"

- Jenna T.

I've been taking this product for a few months now and love it!! It gives me the extra boost that I was hoping to receive from this supplement. It doesn't make me jittery like other products I've tried in the past, and has never made me crash once the supplement's effects begin to expire. I was one of the original sample group to try this supplement and have been behind it 100% from the beginning, because I believe in this product that much. I challenge anyone who is skeptical of this product to just give it a try, and they will soon see why this product is the simple answer to so many things. It will give you a boost in energy without the usual jitter linked to so many other products, as well as a sense of focus in whatever task you are trying to accomplish. So instead of grabbing the usual Monster or 5 hour energy like I normally would, I simply take AddieUp and watch my productivity increase.

"I've never felt better in my life"

I have been using AddieUps for a month now and I've never felt better in my life! The first time I took them I felt such clarity. My mind is usually a jumbled mess and for once it wasn't! I got so much done that day that I knew I'd finally found a good product. I take them whenever I feel lazy and I am instantly pepped and ready to go! Thank you guys!

"Top Notch Product"


Through research, I came across AddieUP online. I tried and have enjoyed my life thus far. I take two every day before work or school. The focus and energy it gives you is tremendously satisfying. I don't get withdrawals and I can sleep and eat normally each day. This is a top notch product that will soon be known to us all. I no longer need -------- nor do I think about it. Coming accross AddieUP has made my life so much better.

"I am totally over the moon about this product"

- Bredi Rogelj

My name is Bredi and about a week ago my prayers have been answered. My 16yr old son Julien was diagnosed with Aspergers about 11 yrs. ago and the biggest problem with that diagnoses is all the medication this child had to take. It had to be the hardest decision I have ever had to make and at the time there was no other choice. To watch your child suffer and know that you are poisoning them at the same time with all these chemicals is maddening but without the ________* Julien could not function and our household was a war zone. With all these problems and stress I to was not able to function and needed something to keep me awake and focused and so I was taking _______ as well. Julien has been bugging me for the past 3 months or so about wanting to get off his meds. We have tried this before but it was hell. He cannot function without and the behaviour causes huge problems at home. Last month I was doing some research on natural remedies and came across Addieup. At first I was leary, I've tried other things before and they did not work. When one is taking ________ it is very hard on the body when a dosage is missed the person is pretty much non-functional and with Julien he is very angry and frustrated. When I read that Addieup was created by someone who had been taking ________ as well it really peaked my interest, I decided to give them a call and within an hour or so Dr. Baker returned my call. We spoke on the phone and he answered all my questions and I was soooo excited!!!! We have been taking Addieup for the past week. Julien takes 3 in the morning because his prescription for the ________ was 30mg a day and that's pretty high, I myself take 2 Addieup and sometimes 1 in the late afternoon. My biggest concern was the transition period, I figured it would take a little time for our bodies to adjust but to my surprise that was not even an issue. From day one the product began to work just like ________, minus the jitters, the sweating and the crash. Julien finds it takes about half hour longer for it to take effect, he is so thrilled to be off the ________!!!! He is focused, clear minded, energetic and happy. I cannot say enough about Addieup, I am totally over the moon about this product I just wish it was available sooner. As a mother I want nothing but the best for my kids and it has been a very rough journey with Julien. Many times I would pray that one day this sweet kid could be med. free and live a normal life without the headaches the jitters the over active bowl and the crash, no more poisoning this child's body. Thanks to Dr. Baker this is now a reality!!! In fact the ingredients in Addieup are actually strengthening his brain and giving him some good stuff, maybe even repairing some of the damage the other meds may have caused...He loves it, I love it and I want to share it with the world. My family thanks you Dr. Baker.